Ability to Choose between Widely Used Ir-192 or Long-Lasting Co-60 Source

Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG provides the choice of two isotopes, Ir-192 and Co-60, according to individual institutional needs and preferences. The dose distributions based on the TG-43 formalism are equivalent for cobalt-60 and iridium-192. Both miniaturized sources have been in clinical use for more than 10 years and are suitable for the same clinical applications.

Miniaturized Ir-192 sourceMiniaturized Ir-192 sourceMiniaturized Co-60 sourceMiniaturized Co-60 source
The high quantity of source transfers and the long working life of the miniaturized cobalt-60 source, developed by Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG, reduce time for source exchange logistics and increase valuable clinic uptime.Comparison working life
Comparison working life

Unique choices in regards to:

  1. Logistical requirements

  2. Shielding requirements

  3. Operational savings

Exclusive, Integrated In-Vivo Dosimetry for Real-Time Dose Monitoring

In-vivo dosimetry is an important quality assurance method for HDR brachytherapy of e. g. cervical cancer. It provides information that helps to assure precise, targeted and conformal dose delivery.

The unique In-Vivo Dosimetry System of SagiNova® allows direct independent monitoring of doses to rectum and bladder at the control console alongside treatment information. Dose limit values can be defined via the SagiNova® treatment control software and warnings are displayed if bladder or rectum dose limits are exceeded. The complete data is integrated in the treatment report for a convenient documentation.

Since the system is operated directly from the SagiNova® treatment control station, In-Vivo Dosimetry is easily integrated into the treatment process with no additional equipment or screens.

Both probes can be automatically calibrated with SagiNova's quality assurance tool, QAssist, the afterloading calibration phantom and the afterloader source as reference. The built-in software takes the specific calibration geometry into account and makes calibration a one-click solution.


  1. Boost patient safety

  2. Enhance rectum and bladder dose control 

  3. No additional equipment needed

  4. Convenient and consistent documentation

QAssist Supports Quality Assurance Responsibilities

The highly customizable tool QAssist supports the user in a straightforward way to adhere to the highest quality assurance standards with full digital documentation. It offers pre-defined quality assurance tests which are performed in sequence and verify whether the system and critical components are operating correctly. QAssist configurations can be shared with partnering departments to allow for consistent quality reporting.


  1. Support latest quality assurance standards

  2. Full digital and consistent quality reporting 

  3. User definable protocols

Unique Features to Help Ensure Patient Safety

Automatic Length Measurement 

The automatic length measurement and verification system allows for convenient and safe multichannel applications. By choosing an applicator in SagiPlan®, the length of the applicator and the overall length of the application are digitally transferred to SagiNova® without requiring any manual input.


The dummy source measures the length of the complete channel prior to each source movement to allow for the verification of the correct channel length. The precisely measured length of each individual channel is automatically used for an accurate positioning of the active source relative to the tip reference. This unique quality assurance feature has been developed to eliminate the need for manual input and to support patient safety.



  1. Eliminate need for manual input

  2. Safety to have the correct applicator connected

  3. Enhance patient safety

Channel Color Coding

With the Channel Color Coding of three-channel gynecological applicators, transfer tubes, and the SagiNova® channel indexer, it is virtually impossible to mix up channels during treatment preparations and hence SagiNova® comfortably assures patient safety by design.


  1. Virtually impossible to mix up channels during treatment preparations

Channel Color Coding

Optimized User-Friendly GUI and Intuitive Design for Streamlined

The new SagiNova® graphical user interface (GUI) was developed in cooperation with brachytherapy experts and usability engineers leading to the development of the next level of smooth and efficient workflow guidance.